2020 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting commences on the Wednesday following the first Tuesday in February, and it concludes on the Friday of the same week. The expectation for attendance at the meeting is very high and is explained in the Member Expectations link on the menu bar above.

The Annual Meeting for the 2019-2020 school year is scheduled for February 5, 6 and 7, 2020 at the Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC.

The speakers at our annual meeting have always offered challenging, stimulating and timely ideas on a theme selected by the executive committee. A comprehensive list of past speakers includes the names of some of the most illustrious and accomplished graduates and parents from our school communities . 

Recent program themes include:

  • Leadership in Times of Dramatic Change

  • The Shift in World Power

  • Unsung Heroes, People Who Make a Difference

  • Discord & Disaster: Differences that Divide Us

  • Disruption: The Future of Higher Education

  • The Health of Our Schools

  • The Arts in Our Schools

  • The College Scene

  • Immigration: Opportunities and Challenges

  • The World of Islam

  • The Economy: What Happened? What Next?

  • Abraham Lincoln and Leadership

  • Internationalism: Shrinking Globe/Expanding Challenges

  • The Supreme Court: The Insider's View

  • The Presidential Election

  • More Things Considered: Vengeance, Victims and the Law

  • Going for the Gold: Striving to be Better

  • Forward into the New Millennium

  • The College as Community; College and Community

  • College Sports and Educational Values

  • Leadership

  • Learning, Relearning and Unlearning: Lessons for the Future